Spring has arrived, so it is time to shop for some cool summer nautical accessories

It is no secret to say that the bracelets are the most trendy and relevant accessory of 2018. They are one of the leaders of the upcoming spring season. Designers paid special attention to the shape and decor of fashionable bracelets. The trends show that delicate models with original details paired with wrist watch will be the most wanted for items for 2018.

Beautifully selected accessories is a real art. The most modest outfit will be transformed into a gorgeous look with the help of stylish attributes. How to choose the most stunning option? Forms, colours and materials are the main points to look at.

My wrist circumference measures very short, so finding bracelets that fit well sometimes is a bit tricky. I’m not usually wearing a lot of pieces on my arm since it can be distracting as they jangle all day long while I type at my computer. I had also lost some of my bracelets that were too loose on my arm. That is why the first thing I pay attention to is the delicacy of the forms. Thin models are part of every woman’s wardrobe since ancient times, but they do not lose relevance even our days. Slim bracelet highlights the shape of the elegant wrist of a fashionista. On the contrary, due to its form, it makes them ideal for layering on small wrists without looking overwhelming, so, women’s hands look even more aristocratic.

I found this slim elegant bangle by Tom Hope that has a narrow fit, perfect for my arm. I also absolutely love the delicate anchor detail in dusty pink colour on these bracelets and find them to be stylish but not childish. This sophisticated and timeless piece is the must-have accessory for all occasions.

As for the materials, jewellery made of precious metals are unlikely to come out of the trend in the near future, but at the beginning of the new 2018, bracelets made from a specific texture like trim and twine in a combination with bright colours became very self-sufficient works of art.

Vibrant, sophisticated and glamorous. The Rose Gold (so trending colour this season!) is crafted with blue and pink details together with a silver plated anchor. You have an impression of sailing into a warm sunset enjoying a cool summer breeze. This bracelet is the ultimate accessory to create a beautiful mixture of old and new. The colours are also a great complement to fun spring outfits.

Tom Hope accessories are a spring essential! This clothing asset is a classic and favourite piece for various outfits that give you a spring look like no other. In addition to that, they are the perfect gifts for just about any female or male (or both, as a lot of models are unisex) in your life!

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