Ketevan was born in Georgia, but since her childhood, she was living and studying in Moscow, Russia. After graduating from university, she decided to follow her dreams and to move to the city of love, to Paris. 

Back to 2015 Ketevan was working as a digital marketing consultant for world known beauty brands and was managing her personal social media channels on the side. Since only a year after launching her blog, Ketevan gained recognition in French media and gathered a several thousand fan base all over the world. After being starred in luxury international campaigns for brands like Cartier and Guerlain, Ketevan left a corporate career to pursue a life of a full-time fashion blogger.

Ketevan runs Katie.one together with her husband Lev Gasov who is in charge of photography and management. He also together with Ketevan works on a creative direction of Katie.one on social media. Lev was working as a financial and tax analyst at Big 4 accounting firms when he decided to quit and support Ketevan’s career choice to run her own fashion blog. Today he has photographed campaigns for major fashion and travel related brands such as Disneyland, Revolve, Guerlain, Cartier and Kenzo but also manages his own inspiring fashion blog.

Ketevan’s photography and blog allow telling a story of her personal chic feminine style. Coupled with her strong influence on the American and European markets, the blog has awarded her media features in respected fashion and beauty magazines and projects with prestigious brands.

Ketevan is now a full-time blogger, brand content creator and model. Constantly travelling around the world, Ketevan shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle each day with thousands of loyal followers, opening a window to her dreamy, magical and colourful world.


By focusing on editorial-quality posts, Katie.one gained a unique reputation in social media and was featured on major youth magazines and also enabled Ketevan to be a fashion contributor for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Sharing her inspiration and travels on her blog and Instagram became a source of inspiration for thousands of people and a true representation of the “French art de vivre”.

Today, Katie.one has become an ultimate destination for Parisian inspiration and aspirational chic fashion that is a favourite choice of lovers of style. 


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